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CD Packaging of the Week: Sigur Ros- ()

Sigur Ros, but the artwork is too wonderful that people purchase it just for the artwork alone (not that their music is bad). Just like the music of Sigur Ros, the album packaging has this icy, distant, removed feel. Kind of transports you to Iceland or on top of an iceberg. Brrr. cd-packaging-sigur-ross cd-packaging-sigur-ross-album-cover cd-packaging-sigur-ross-album-cover-2 Artist: Sigur Rós Album: ( ) Label: FatCat Records Year: 2002 Designer: Alex Torrance , D.C. , Sigur Rós Hardformat ____________________________________________________________________ Unified Manufacturing is an L.A. -based one-stop-shop that offers very affordable CD/DVD/USB replication, custom printing, promotional products, warehousing and fulfillment and many more. If you need an Instant Quote on a project and you want FREE SHIPPING, simply CLICK HERE.]]>

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