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CD Packaging: Beck and 8-Bit

This collaboration album between Beck and 8-bit, a robot gangster rap group (you read that right)  has quite the story behind it. Originally Beck and his  record label, Interscope Records, planned on around 30 independent artists remix Beck’s music. Somehow 8-bit, out of Highland Park, CA, ended up producing the track “Ghettochip Malfunction” almost entirely on their own, with only Beck’s vocals to go on.

This charming, nostalgic packaging, by Design Has No Name contains the work 8-bit produced based on Beck’s tracks. If you haven’t figured out what the design is based on, you’re too young. Please leave.

I have to say, I love everything about this design. Who wouldn’t? My favorite part is shown in the photo just below this, the way the name of the album is printed on top of the cartridge. That way when you have stacks of NES games (or Beck CDs) on top of one another, you can easily pick the best game on which to embarrass your friends.


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