10 Reasons Custom Cassette Tapes Instantly Make Your Band Cooler

You’ve probably seen top bands releasing cassette tapes in recent years. Don’t worry, you haven’t been in a Bill & Ted time machine back to…well, when Bill & Ted was a relevant reference. Yes, it’s the year 2021 and yes, people are listening to cassette tapes! In a sea of throwaway digital music and crappy […]

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6 Simple Steps to Create a Custom Cassette Mixtape

A custom cassette mixtape can be whatever you want it to be A new limited-run album or EP, a live album, your remixes of Barry Manilow songs…if that’s what you’re into. More and more bands and artists are releasing on cassettes again. The format doubled in popularity last year. If you’re not involved, you’re missing […]

5 Incredible Ideas for Custom Mixtapes – Amazing For Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, and Your Fans Anniversaries!

The best bands and artists are harnessing the power of retro! Mixtapes are back… No, they’re not just something you gave to your first ever girlfriend all those years ago, custom cassette tapes are an amazing way for musicians to release collections of music like rareities, or romantic tunes for Valentine’s day. Music fans could […]