Indie Musicians: Solicit Grants using Kickstarter

YouTube, can create a MySpace, Facebook, Twitter account for their band promotion, can blog about their lives to gather followers.  And if they have the recording equipment and CD burners at home, they can actually make their album at a ...
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Music Retail: Record Stores Have to Diversify in Order to Survive

It is a known fact that CD sales have plummeted in the last decade and are down about 50 percent from their peak. The decline of CD sales — and, more recently, of DVD sales — has forced the music ...
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Music Packaging: Music Albums on USB (From Bob Marley to Lady Gaga)

That year, many artists followed and released their albums using sticks as well. The White Stripes' Icky Thump album for $99.  Removing their respective hats reveals the USB dongle, plug it in, and you'll get all of the Icky Thump ...
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Indie Music Marketing: LIVECHAT to Develop Intimate Connection with Fans

The internet may be cursed by some musicians for 'stealing' a big chunk of their revenue due to illegal downloads and easy access to their music but the internet also provides musicians a bigger venue to gain more followers. If ...
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Music Packaging: Marrow's Sunshine Enema

Musician: Marrow Album: Sunshine Enema Designers: Jeremy & Erin Fortes Marrow, a dark electro-pop group, released their latest album "Sunshine Enema" on a pill-shaped USB drive that is held in a sunny-looking medicine bottle. Very innovative! This was designed by ...
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Indie Musicians: Top 7 Musicians Discovered on Youtube

Youtube has become a platform for ordinary people to express themselves and showcase their talents. Anyone with an internet connection, a camera, and a good, rock-solid talent can show the world what they've got without spending money or having the ...
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Vinyl Manufacturing: Vinyl is too wonderful of a medium to die

Why should an indie band put their album on vinyl? It’s the coolest format.not everyone can have access to it.if you don’t want your music to go everywhere,it’s one way of having control over your product. Will vinyl ever die? ...
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Why Vinyl Never Goes Out of Style

custom cassette tapes, then CDs, and now almost everything is digital-but still my dad’s love for vinyl never faded. When the CDs came, I asked him why he still sticks with vinyl pressing records near you. He said, “They’re more ...
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Featured CD Packaging Designer: Sam Hayles aka DOSEprod

Sam Hayles is an independent art-director and graphic designer currently living in Scotland.  He has been designing for 15 years and worked as a freelance designer since 2005 under the name 'DOSE-productions' (DOSEprod). A lot of his works are music ...
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