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Indie Musicians: 4 Ways to Make Your Superfans Feel Special

Superfans are the 20% of your fans that deserve 80% of your attention. When you are already in the stage of your music career wherein you have loyal followers (aka Superfans), then you better know how to take good care of them before they go kaput! Superfans are the ones more likely to spread your awesomeness to their friends, families, and lovers. They are also the ones who are more likely to buy your CDs, merchandise, and other collectibles. In other words, they feed you. Superfans are not just assets, they are super-assets and you simply cannot lose one or two because of the lack of follow through and artist-fan relationship.

First, you have to identify which ones are your superfans. Choosing them depends mostly on your popularity and the kind of followers you have.  For example, if you are still a new band and you get an average of 30-40 people showing up at your gig, then you can consider those people showing up more than twice as ‘superfans’ already. But if you are already somewhat popular, then you can consider those fans buying your albums, giving you letters and merch as your superfans.  The important thing is you recognize the loyal followers and give then special treatment.

Once you’re done with the list, it’s time to make them feel special.

Send them special e-mails once in a while

Fans want to feel like their given attention but superfans want to feel like they’re given EXTRA SPECIAL attention. After you created the list, its time you make them feel appreciated once in a while by sending them special e-mails. Make sure to make it more personal. Show them something you don’t show to new fans, tell them a secret or a tip, and feature them if you can. You can share what happened to your day, if you want. Remember, attention and intimacy is very important to the superfan and this will definitely make them  love you more.

Socialize with them in Social Media

One artist had pictures of his fans during live concerts and uploaded them to his official facebook page.  Then he let his fans tag their photos. Just like that! Simple gimmicks like this can add to your charm but make sure to do it sparingly or it would have a negative effect on you. If you overload your social networking sites with too much gimmick and updates, it would turn them off. It would make them feel like you care too much making them think you’re desperate. Try as much as you can to reply to their messages, to say thank you, to reply to their comments.

Accept their gifts

If they give you flowers, letters, chocolates, cars…accept them and say thank you. This is quite obvious but there are some popular artists who tend to neglect some of the gifts they receive from fans. We cannot blame them because they must receive millions of these but just imagine how the fan would feel if they know their gifts are just stashed in the garage? But of course, they would not know-ever.

If you want to make superfans feel great and if you want to have more loyal fans, then you better appreciate the gifts you received. Send them a quick, personal e-mail like “ Hi Patty! I read your letter and it really made my day. Blah, blah”. You can also take photographs of the gifts and upload them on your website.


For Christmas, you can send some band buttons or a flashdrive containing an exclusive home-made song or video to those who purchased your collectibles. You can also include a small card or letter to complete the package. You can also give discount cards to the top ten people who constantly interact with you on facebook and other social media.

These are just 4 ways to make your loyal fans feel appreciated. You can come up with a dozen or more. What’s important is that you identify your loyal fans and make them feel special.


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