Simple Self-Promotion Tips Every Artist Must Follow

Don’t think of it as promotion. And while we’re talking about “promotion,” let’s consider calling it something else. Like “sales,” the word “promotion” can cause us to get caught up in fear-based stories around money, value, perceived bragging, or competition. My preference is to reframe it according to how I want it to be received: as educating, inviting, building relationship, offering valuable information. When what you produce resonates, people will act.

Beth Buelow – Author, Speaker, Certified Professional Coach, Founder of The Introvert Entrepreneur

Get your name in lights. Register your name as your domain name, rather than the name of an agency or other identity,” advises Nick Defty of YCN. For a start you’ll never lose business to the question, ‘What did he say his website was called?’ It’s almost like a psychological boost to know you have a personal presence online, one that speaks clearly with your voice. There’s nothing stopping you from registering another domain too, maybe with a clever name, but owning your moniker has to be position of strength.

Nick Defty– Director, YCN,


If you must blog, do it well. Despite appearances to the contrary, blogging is not about telling everyone what you had for breakfast. “It should inspire an interaction, just as any other piece of work should,” says Graham Sykes of design studio Teacake. Boring people is worse than having no effect at all. Inspiration is fine but don’t make a rod for your own back by showing everyone how many better designers there are than you out there. Be funny, charming, entertaining and informative at all times.

Graham Sykes– Co-founder of Teacake and designer at Cherry, London,


Start a newsletter/email list. Ground breaking, I know. But here’s some real truth, we didn’t start a mailing list for the first six years we had a blog. We already had multiple books and an app out before we ever started one. So silly! I think for a long time we thought no one would want to sign up for an ABM newsletter, but we were wrong. The great thing about an email list (or newsletter, I’m using the words to mean the same thing here) is users have given you permission to contact them by joining the list. They WANT to know if you have a new product out or are offering a sale.

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Own of “A Beautiful Mess”, a lifestyle company for women.
Turn yourself or your brand into a character–but make sure it’s still the real you. High-performing introverts know that their public persona is more like a character–something we put on when we need to. But that persona still needs to be you or it won’t resonate with the people you’re reaching out to.

Tara Gentile – Business Strategist at Tara, Creator of Quiet Power Strategy

Consistently post bits and pieces of your work, your ideas, and what you’re learning online. Instead of wasting your time “networking”, take advantage of the network.

Derek Sivers – Writer, Entrepreneur, Programmer, Musician, Founder of CD Baby.
Have a wingman. As I describe in my book Reinventing You, if you’re nervous about self-promotion, one of the best strategies is to have someone else do it for you. Make a pact with a trusted friend that you’ll talk them up at events, and they can do the same for you.

Dorie Clark – Marketing Strategy Consultant, Professional Speaker, Author at

Make friends in your niche. Instead of viewing other leaders in your niche as competitors, see them as allies. Reach out to them by offering to help them in some way. Often, asking them to contribute to an article, podcast, or an event is appealing because it helps them to promote their work as well. Just remember that everyone’s busy these days, so it’s best to keep it simple. You’re much more likely to get a response if you ask for a quote for your article, rather than an entire guest post.

Michaela Chung – Introvert Author, Coach, Entrepreneur and Founder of Introvert Spring

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