Marketing Tips For Every Artist Trying To Build a Brand

The best kind of marketing doesn’t feel, sound, or look at all like marketing. If you really want to earn fans that could potentially buy your concert tickets, back you up on Kickstarter, buy your merch, share your posts, and all that jazz, you have to connect with them and make them feel like rockstars themselves.

Here are some nuggets and tips that can help you market effectively as an artist: 101-awesome-marketing-quotes-6-638

This is something that artists don’t need because most artists want nothing more but to delight their audience. However, as we realize how hard it is to live with just a few hundred dollars a week, we start to become aggressive. Let us just not forget our primary purpose. Art before money has always been our mantra. It doesn’t mean, too, that we forget about earning money because they should go side by side. There’s not much art without money; there’s no money without good art.


Do not make too many marketing shortcuts online because no matter if you use all the SEO tricks or hire the best PR team to write articles about you, if people don’t like your music, they won’t give a damn. The best strategy is still pleasing people one at a time because those people will introduce you to their friends. Nothing beats word-of-mouth.


Don’t tell people you’re good, show people you’re good. If you’re a musician, don’t shove your CDs and merch to their faces, updating your social media with the stuff you sell. Entertain and engage your audience and the sales will take care of its own. Of course you have to inform them that you do have an album out but if you’re doing more talk and less music, you just might lose them. Nurture your fans first and trust them that they’ll support you.


This is so true. If you’re an artist, you have to learn how to charm your audience in your own way. CHARM is so powerful and we all want it but there’s no magic formula for it. In fact, the more you try to be charming, the more you don’t become charming. Look at Jennifer Lawrence. People love her because she’s so unapologetically herself- blunt, awkward, etc. But that’s not to say we all want blunt and awkward. Look at Adam Levine. He’s hot that’s why he’s charming. Kidding…not kidding. Think of one celebrity you admire and ask yourself what’s charming about him or her. You won’t have a hard time answering that question. Learn how to charm and seduce your audience and they’ll buy whatever you sell them.


Build a tribe- a loyal bunch of people who love you and believe in what you do. Start small and really take care of them. These people will go to the end of the world with you and will fight all the demons that get in your way. Love each one of them because they will be your pillars to success. These people will then influence a bunch of people and try with all your might to please each one of them. That’s how you go to the top.


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