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Kinds of Promotional Caps & Hats- What’s Best for your Promotions?

There are so many kinds of caps and hats it’s difficult to decide the one that’s best for your company or event. Especially if it’s your first time to make custom caps. Sure you can just choose any cap (in that case, you’ll probably choose the cheapest), but if you care a whole lot about your brand, you have to choose the most fitting one…the cap that matches your company to a T. Here are some of the most famous kinds of caps and hats. Get to know them so you can choose wisely.

Trucker Cap
custom trucker cap
Also known as the “Gimme” (give me) cap because, before it became a favorite of celebs like Justin Timberlake and Ashton Kutcher, this style of cap was originally given to farmers and truck drivers as giveaways.
Material: soft plastic mesh at back, usually cotton or polyester front
Why you’ll love it: So fashionable with vinyl/foil print, breathable
Best for: summer time, tradeshows and concerts where there may be crowds since it has maximum breathability.

custom promotional visor cap
The main purpose of the visor is to protect your eyes from harsh sun rays and glare. It’s the next best thing to sunglasses. If you have to cut back some dollars on your promotional caps, customize some visors instead. It’s almost half the price of regular caps and it looks good with a cute button/pin.
Material: usually cotton
Why you’ll love it: affordable, easy to stack & store
Best for: festivals, concerts, sports events, marathons, and school activities.
Unconstructed Cap
custom unconstructed cap
The unconstructed cap is limp (not puffy or stiff) because it has no backing on the front panels. This makes it fit snugly to the head unlike the constructed cap. Choose this if you want the comfort and the look of a classic cap.
Material: varies
Why you’ll love it: snug fit, so soft
Best for: almost all types of daytime events
Constructed Cap
personalize constructed cap
Its two front panels have firm, hard backing making the cap look sturdy and a little stiff. This makes your logo stand out. If you’re looking to make promotional caps, go for constructed ones. The slight difference in the cap’s “posture” matters because that’s where you put your logo.
Material: Varies
Why you’ll love it: It has a perky appeal but still comfy to wear
Best for: almost all types of daytime events
Reflector Caps
custom reflector cap
The name says it all. The reflector cap reflects light making it visible in the dark. It can make you stay seen at night while you’re driving, fishing, or roaming in the woods. Every adventurer would surely be delighted to have one.
Materials: polyester, reflective fabric/band
Why you’ll love it: such an attention-getting, useful
Best for: Night events like concerts, spelunking, trekking
customize beanie hat
It’s just a warm, fluffy knit cloth you put on your head if you want instant warm and appeal. If your event happens in the cold months or if it takes place in a chilly place or if it’s something outdoorsy like camping, skating, biking, skiing…you gotta give ’em beanies.
Material: acrylic
Why you’ll love it: Affordable, light, easy to store, easy to wash
Best for: sports events, launching of hip products, cold season events
 Hoop Head
custom hoop head
A “basketball net” novelty headwear that promotes team spirit for basketball and other net sports.
Materials: cotton,spandex, standard hoop netting
Why you’ll love it: Fun, impossible to ignore
Best for: basketball-related events
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