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DVD Packaging: Over-the-top DVD Box Sets for Collectors

Harry potter creative DVD The elaboratest of the elaboratest Harry Potter Collector’s set released in France Alien DVD case collectors

Alien Quadrilogy Alien Head Limited Edition Box Set

Matrix DVD collection

Blu-ray Matrix Collection in Japan gets cool hovership container

Dark Knight DVD collectors

Dark Knight includes a scale model of the mask that the Jokerwore in the opening scene during the bank robbery

iRobot special DVD packaging set

I Robot Deluxe Sonny Head Limited Edition Box Set

Indiana Jones DVD packaging

Crystal Skull packaging for the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull DVD

Conceptual DVD set packaging

Terminator Complete Collector’s Set comes with a 14-inch T-800 Endoskull with light-up eyes and sound effects from the movie

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One Reply to “DVD Packaging: Over-the-top DVD Box Sets for Collectors

  1. harry potter box set was once sold for 60 euros in germany with an amazing discount…someone offered me 200 euros for it a year later and i couldn’t resist the urge to make a profit…now it goes around 400-600 euros and i am deeply sorry 🙁
    apart from that i have all the other sets listed here except matrix and more in my collection but since there are a lot of them released every year, it can be really pricey to collect them

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