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CD Duplication: Top 3 Causes of Delay

Issues with the Master format
CD duplication, CD Duplication: Top 3 Causes of Delay
If you think doing your master content all by yourself is a practical thing to do because it can save you a lot of dollars, well think again. CD duplication complain that many of their clients are mastering CDs in a DIY manner hoping to save a few dollars only to do everything all over again because their masters are flawed or do not follow the proper format. Correcting errors or doing everything all over again will not only cost you more dollars but also a lot of time. The CD duplication companies will of course charge you for minor corrections and the production time will not be as fast as what you’ve initially agreed on. That’s why it’s much better if you just leave it to the pros.

To ensure that the audio files are properly formatted, that the disc itself is properly checked and formatted, that the disc has correct meta-data, you need the help of the pros.
Issues with Graphic Design
CD duplication, CD Duplication: Top 3 Causes of Delay

Like the master, some musicians tend to go indie all the way –they want to do everything on their own even their album cover. While this is awesome, this may also cause delays. Be prepared to have a few revisions here and there to fit the standard format and size of commercial CDs. You have to consult or hire someone who knows about the design standards of print and who’s done at least one CD artwork before. Yes, it seems pretty easy-you’re just gonna paste a good picture on the template and type the copy- but the CD artwork has specific requirements that you have to follow. It’s not just all about artistic freedom and creativity; there are rules to it. If you are really running out of time, then you better ask help from graphic designers.
3. Issues with Communication
CD duplication, CD Duplication: Top 3 Causes of Delay

CD duplication may be a very simple thing but you still have to contact a few people in the process- your graphic designer, your Cd mastering company, band mates (for updates and approval of changes), managers, the courier service if there are issues, etc. A small change on the album’s cover or booklet could only take 5 minutes to make but it take 3 days or more before the band,manager, producer could agree on the changes. Afterward, you e-mail or call the CD duplication company giving them permission to go ahead make the necessary changes but you didn’t receive any reply because you apparently addressed it to the wrong person. You can minimize this problem by choosing a one-stop CD duplication company that offers the other services (mastering, graphic design,etc. ) so you will only contact one person for updates. It makes things faster because these people have already worked together for years so they are all familiar with the system and they communicate with each other better.  It also helps if you choose a local CD duplication company so that you can visit the plant or office anytime you want to check something or you have important revisions. Also, if the Cd duplication house is just close, they would not ship the items anymore. This would cut down your expenses and save you more time.


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