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Colorful CD Artwork Designs That Kick Ass

When we hear the word colorful, we automatically think of fluffy things, candies, ponies and rainbows. However, here are examples of CD artwork designs that are colorful but are totally mature and classy. Whoever said colorful is tacky surely have not seen these CD artworks. When done right, colorful could be kick-ass! Jamie Lidell’s self-titled album cover Nameless- Album […]


CD Artwork Concepts: Guys with Big Bellies

One surefire way of getting people’s attention is by exposing ‘physical assets’. No wonder we see lots of album covers with girls in their bikinis and guys with their shirts off. I think showing lots of skin and exuding sexy vibes may be effective since a lot of bands are using it since the beginning […]

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CD artwork concepts: EGGS

There are so many creative CD artwork concepts so it is no surprise that we find albums with eggs artwork. I do not like eggs very much. I don’t like them boiled, I don’t like them fried, I don’t like them with my soup, I don’t like them mixed with my drink but I do […]


CD Packaging:100+ CD Artwork with CATS

“The cat is above all things, a dramatist.” They are simply the most sophisticated animals here on earth. Just observe how they walk, purr, yawn. The filthiest cat on the streets have more elegance than some women I met in clubs. They just have the grace, the confidence, and kick-ass attitude! Maybe that’s the reason […]

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11 Things to Check Before Sending Us Your CD Artwork

Once you send us your artwork, we will check for technical details like dimensions,bleed, safety margins, fonts,and resolution. And if we see some flaws, we will make minor revisions if necessary and it will be free of charge. But if your project requires major revisions (say, your artwork has very low resolution), we will send […]