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Vinyl Package Design: Machine, Dear – Killing Something That’s Already Dead

Here's a great vinyl package design if you're looking for inspiration. Well designed, well executed, just black and white. You won't have to spend big bucks for a million-dollar design. Artist: Machine, Dear Album: Killing Something That’s Already Dead Designer: ...
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demo reel tips

Ingredients for an Impressive Demo Reel

A demo reel is the best way to showcase your talent to potential clients. Whether you’re a filmmaker or a designer, a demo reel is a must so your clients can quickly see your previous works without going through a ...
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Promotional Products: Band Merch Ideas Under $5

So your band is going to have a tour and you're now brainstorming on what band merchandise you should make. Aside from the top merch essentials, you should have novelty items that are easy on your fans' wallets. You don't have ...
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vinyl pressing LP

Vinyl Pressing Tips for First-timers

Releasing music on vinyl is one of the hottest trends in late 2000s that's why we decided to make this short custom vinyl pressing guide. Vinyl records made a big comeback in 2008 and I do not think it’s just ...
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Vinyl Packaging: Pretty Girls Make Graves

Want vinyl packaging and custom vinyl pressing inspiration? Get a load of this! This cardboard box contains a compilation of Pretty Girls Make Graves' first three 7"s which comprises the songs for their very first album, Good Health. This is ...
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If you’re not focusing on CD packaging, then you’re F)*&^ed!

Humans are like magpies. We like pretty things. If your CD packaging stands out, there’s a change we would want to pick it up and maybe even buy it. Don’t roll your eyes now. I know 2008, 2009- in fact ...
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Photography: Enthusiasm Means Nothing without Expertise

I’m a film graduate but I’m not good with photography. I know the rule of thirds, I know what colors look good, I know a good subject when I see one but when it comes to the technical stuff (aperture, ...
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Unique CD Packaging- You can Smash it to Relieve Stress!

Break It is a body and mind relaxation kit that contains a meditation CD. The wonderful thing about this CD packaging is that before you can check the goodies inside, you have to literally break it. So flex your muscles ...
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apps for filmmakers

25 Useful Apps for Indie Filmmakers

Here are some of the best iPhone and iPad apps for making films without blowing your budget: ___________________________________________________________ Screenplay Writing ___________________________________________________________ Screenplay Black Mana Studios’ Screenplay is the world’s first fully-functional mobile screenwriting application. It allows professionals and hobbyists alike ...
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Arkham City Collectors Edition

The Most Kickass Collectors Edition Video Games Packaging

Video Games Packaging have become prettier and prettier over the years as more and more gamers are willing to buy them. I'm no gamer-- in fact, I do hate games because I believe they promote laziness and violence. Yes, I'm ...
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