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Indie Filmmaking: How To Make a Movie for $5000

Back in the early '90s, making a movie for $5000 was the stuff of legend. Nowadays, that number seems much more doable. My first movie The Great Intervention was shot and edited for just that. Here are a few ideas for ...
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Vinyl Packaging: Explosions in the Sky- Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Let me introduce to you one of the coolest vinyl packaging I’ve seen in my entire life. Just take a look at this beauty and you’ll become a fan as well. This is the vinyl packaging for Explosions in the ...
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Top 5 CD Packages for Photographers on a Budget

Are you a photographer looking for a good-looking case to put your projects or portfolio? I bet you’re looking for the cheapest ones that don’t look,well…cheap. We present to you 5 of our most popular CD cases for photographers. CD ...
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8 Creative T-Shirt Packaging That Will Inspire You

Here at Unified, we value branding and packaging. We love to make creative packaging for your CDs,DVDs,Vinyl, and yes...even SHIRTS! We don't just print creative t-shirts, we also make creative packaging for your creative tees. And if you are eco-conscious, you ...
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How to Make Friends with other Bands Without Looking Desperate

They say no one gets to the top alone. That is true to any profession but especially to the ones in the arts. You see, in art-related professions like filmmaking and music-making, there is no concrete gauge for your talent ...
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T-Shirt Printing Printing Tips to Get It Right The First Time

If it's your first time to print t-shirts, then you better get some t-shirt printing tips to get it right the first time. Otherwise, you will make many revisions or worse, you'd have badly printed tees that you'll just keep ...
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Vinyl Packaging: Brain-40 Boxset

The Brain-40 boxset celebrates the 40th anniversary of German music label Brain Records. The design references that of circuit diagrams not just as a metaphor for all the connections but because these acts were pioneers of the synthesizer and amongst ...
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Music Advice: 5 Things to Do When You’ve Reached a Plateau

By definition, a Career Plateau is a high point in one's career where the probability of, or motivation to, progress is low. This is not limited to collared jobs and 9 to 5 workers. It can be experienced by anyone who has a big ...
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CD/DVD Packaging Concepts: MEAT

When it comes to unique DVD packaging designs, the meat concept is not something so unique but I still find it clever. It is a bit conventional and, in a way, predictable especially if use it for a gore film ...
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Branding Yourself as a Musician- A Checklist

If you want to make a career out of your music, you should learn more about musician branding to market yourself effectively. And in order to market yourself well, you should treat your band as a brand. I know some ...
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