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6 Main Reasons Why You Must Make a Fitnesss DVD Today

If you’re a fitness instructor or a business man wondering if there’s room for one more Fitness DVD in Walmart, the answer is a big, bold and booming YES! During the recession, the fitness DVD industry flourished like an epidemic as health buffs preferred to spend a few bucks on a Fitness DVD than on a pricey membership at the local gym. Here are some more reasons why NOW is a really, really good time to make Fitness DVDs:

The Fitness Industry will grow 9.8 % in the next 5 years.
The research firm IbisWorld says that the Fitness DVD production revenue jumped 12.6 % in 2012 ($264.5 million). One of the reasons for this rise in number, according to IbisWorld, is that at least 1/3 of Americans who had a medical check-up in 2010 were advised to exercise.  A lot of these people have not stepped inside a gym because they find it inconvenient, uncomfortable, and expensive. These people prefer doing their work-outs at the comforts of their home.

IBIS found that Fitness DVD production revenue climbed at an 11.2 % annualized pace in the five years to 2012 and will grow 9.8 % in the next five years.

The Health Craze on the Internet
Check out your news feeds and notice how many of your friends post about marathons, low-calorie lunches, and getting fit. Not only is Facebook making us vainer each day by letting us unashamedly post our latest summer pictures in itsy bitsy bikinis, the Internet has also provides us with a super easy access to Fitness solutions. It became a huge venue for selling, buying, and promoting healthy lifestyle.

Just this January, an NYU alumna launched an app called FitID. The app is similar to Facebook’s news feed where fitID users share photos of their lunch and update their friends about their current weight loss, etc. Other users can share, like, and comment on posts. These internet fitness apps and articles do not only push the health buffs to go the extra mile, it can also convert the lazy-ass kids into health-conscious individuals.

Consumers’ Need for Variety
No matter how many Jillian Michaels DVDs there are, people still get bored with Jillian Michaels. They cannot watch the same Fitness Video over and over again, day in day out, for one whole year. No siree! Everybody needs (yes, NEEDS) variety. Work-outs can be boring in the gym but it shouldn’t be when you’re in your living room or else you won’t have the drive to play your DVD. This demand for more Fitness DVDs is a good thing for you, my dear Fitness Coach.

It helps Promote your Services
Aside from the Fitness video, make sure that in your DVD, you place a link to your website and take advantage of the opportunity to market your services like offering a 20% discount to your Fitness Camp or convincing them to join your once-a-month Exercise meet-up. There are so many ways to promote your services once you have a Fitness DVD! It can work the other way around, too. You can bundle it with a custom t-shirt or water bottle and sell them during your Fitness Camps.

Generates Lifetime Income
Just a month-long preparation and a few hundred bucks, and you’re done making your Fitness DVD. As long as you market it well, it will be a source of income for a lifetime. Actually, not just a lifetime, even in after-life! But just make sure that you’re already established (at least 1,000 followers) before making your Fitness DVD. If you make one when you’re only coaching for a year, don’t expect to get ROI in just a few months.

Increase Your Drive to Go Further
Achieving goals like finally releasing a Fitness DVD will significantly improve your self-esteem which will eventually push you to have a progressive lifestyle. This is one proof that you can do something as long as you set your eyes on it. Your confidence will improve as well as your overall outlook on success. This is THE step for your transformation from a dreamer to a doer.

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