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Recording, Releasing, and Performing Cover Songs

Here is a comprehensive article about cover songs written by Cameron Mizell. Cameron is a freelance guitarist, producer, and consultant in Brooklyn, NY. You can check out his articles at -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cover songs have an interesting place in the ...
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Band Merch: The Politics of Price Matching

Alternative Press has a great post about the  real deal of merch price matching.  Price matching is a practice in which the headlining band on a tour set the merch prices. If that band sell their custom printed t-shirts for ...
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CD Packaging of the Week: Bosco-Spectrum

Artist: Bosco Album: Spectrum Label: The Big Up/Brittany Bosco Designers: Alex Goose & Branden Collins Year: 2008 Info: Alex Goose: Designed as a promotional EP with little to no budget, Branden and I had to come up with a package ...
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Get Sponsorship for Your Next Music Video (Step by Step Guide)

So you have the most brilliant idea for your next music video yet you cannot execute it because you only have a few dollars left in your pocket after recording your first album. But you also know the value of ...
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Indie Musicians: Preparing for the Recording Studio

Recording a new album is always a momentous occasion for any musician.  Today, recording technology is very affordable and many musicians have some sort of home studio for capturing new ideas, recording demos, or even making full-blown albums.  However, nothing ...
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CD Packaging:100+ CD Artwork with CATS

“The cat is above all things, a dramatist.” They are simply the most sophisticated animals here on earth. Just observe how they walk, purr, yawn. The filthiest cat on the streets have more elegance than some women I met in ...
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Why Creating a Fashion Statement is Good for Your Music Career

I can imagine purists rolling their eyes when they read the title of this post but what the heck: for me, image is important. Of course music should be the number one priority of musicians but they should also learn ...
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Under Great WhiteNorther Lights UK Box Set thumb 500x413 5757

CD Packaging: What Do You Think of the 2010 Grammy Nominees?

To be honest, I'm not too ecstatic to find out the winners for the 2010 Grammy Awards ...particularly in the album cover category. If I were to describe the nominees in a word it would be... UNEXCEPTIONAL. Last year, I ...
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3 Ways You Can Benefit from a Creative CD Packaging

For an indie musician, money is very important because every penny comes from their own pockets. Thus, spending a big amount on CD packaging is not included in the plan. But what they do not know is that a good-looking ...
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New Year, New Unified!

We here at Unified just love the word NEW.  “New” generally means that something is freshly made. A new CD, a new gadget, a new pair of shoes. It also means that something has changed -a new outlook, a new ...
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