Danny L Harle went on tour with our shirts

Danny L Harle went on tour with our shirts

Sept 23, 2021 (Los Angeles, CA)-Unified was chosen by record label Mad Decent to create the merch for the touring music producer and composer, Danny L Harle.

To promote his full-length 2021 debut album, Harlecore, Danny L Harle went on tour this 2022. He started it at Redon, London, UK and is just starting his tour in the US.

About Danny L Harle and Harlecore:

British music producer and composer born Daniel Jack Eisner Harle, debuted with his album Harlecore through his new record label Mad Decent. The album showcases Harle taking on a total of four different DJ personas which have their own distinct sound.

Book and get your ticket here, you might just get a tour shirt which he apparently throws during his concerts.


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