7-inch Vinyl Record Pressing Done Right!

The 7-inch vinyl has been a crowd favorite since the 50s coz' not only is it cute, it's affordable and handy to boot!

If this is your first to release music on vinyl, our short run 7-inch vinyl record pressing is definitely great for testing the waters.


What’s included in your order

Our 7" vinyl pressing includes the following specification and options for customization:

  • Superior quality 7" vinyl records
  • Weight: 45g or 70g
  • Can be cut at 45 RPM (4:30 per side) or 33 ⅓ (6:00 per side)
  • Vinyl color options: standard black, mixed, or colored
  • Customization options (picture discs, splatter, shaped records, etc)
  • Packaging: Vinyl jacket, vinyl gatefold, custom packaging
  • Add-ons: Color LP Labels, Pre-press review, UPC barcode
  • Turnaround time: 7 business weeks
  • Free test printing of album cover


Money-back guarantee

Free Test Printing

We will send you a sample print of the 7-inch vinyl pressing and the vinyl packaging (free of charge) so you can thoroughly check the quality of your record before we manufacture them.

High quality

24/7 Customer Support

We don`t ever want to leave our customers hanging. We are online every single day and we guarantee that we reply to your inquiries, via email or call, in less than 24 hours.

Custom colors and effects on the 7” vinyl records you order, printed cover jackets, single or gatefold sleeves, great for small labels, independent artists, or bands that need custom vinyl record pressing services.

Why you’ll love the 7” vinyl record

If you want to release a single instead of an EP - and you want it to be in something cute and handy - the 7-inch vinyl record is just what you need!

Here are the reasons why you should opt for 7-inch vinyl pressings:

  • Made for single releases. The recommended speed for 7” vinyl records is 45 rpm and it guarantees around 8-12 minutes of playback. This makes it possible to have at least three tracks pressed on them.
  • Small and Light. There have been complaints on how heavy vinyl records can be during tours. With 7" vinyl records, that problem lessens because they weigh much less than the 12" or even 10".
  • Affordable. Because it’s small, it, therefore, is cheap since there’s lesser materials used for their production. This also means that it is affordable.
  • Perfect for limited editions. You can release a limited edition of your full album with 7” vinyl records and have different sets of tracks pressed on limited copies of your order.


Money-back guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee no printing errors and absolutely no delays...just high-quality 7-inch vinyl records in a pretty vinyl package. If you`re not satisfied, we`ll give you a refund!.

High quality

We Care About the World

Our products will always be made from recycled (or recyclable), environmentally friendly materials using manufacturing methods that ensure minimal impact on the environment.

UnifiedManufacturing is the place for all your vinyl pressing needs. Not only do we make sure we have happy customers, we aim to exceed our customers` expectations. Highest quality for 7-inch vinyl pressing records, packaging and sleeves for your vinyl record order. Get a free quote today!

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