Youtube influencer Philip DeFranco ordered 6000 posters from Unified, which he'll give away to fans

October 19, 2021 (Los Angeles, CA)-Unified made 6000 posters for YouTube influencer, Philip DeFranco, which he gave away to superfans.

As a way of saying thank you, Philip DeFranco, more commonly known by his nickname PhillyD, has given posters to his fans old and new. And we’re proud to say.

About PhillyD:

Philip DeFranco is best known for his news commentary show The Philip DeFranco Show, which focuses on current events in politics and pop culture. He started out as a YouTube account registered as "sxephil" and from there his YouTube days started.

Check out PhillyD’s Youtube channe ABOUT UNIFIED MANUFACTURING:

Unified Manufacturing is an independent CD & DVD manufacturer based in both sides of the US which offers affordable CD & DVD duplication, CD & DVD replication, custom CD & DVD packaging for musicians, filmmakers, photographers and companies. The company prides in its seamless CD manufacturing service but it is also known for making unique custom CD & DVD packaging.

Clients range from indie artists to major label artists such as Stevie Wonder, Sheryl Crow, and Ringo Starr. Unified Manufacturing has offices and plants located in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Indiana, and New York.

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