7" Vinyl Printed Gatefold Jacket

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Superior quality 7” vinyl in gatefold cardboard jacket. Fits two records and has ample space for artwork!


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There’s something just exceptionally cool about the 7-inch vinyl aka 45s. They’re cute, fits 4-6 minutes per side (perfect for singles), and totally affordable. Gatefold jackets are vinyl sleeves designed to fit two vinyl records. It makes any album more special because it has a wide space to showcase your artwork. You can order as few as 100 units with a turnaround time of 27 business weeks!

With thousands of vinyl pressed each year, we are the right team when it comes to vinyl pressing. We can help you with everything— from mastering, vinyl pressing, album artwork, to fulfillment and distribution— with the quickest turnaround time, at the most affordable price!

Our satisfied clients include Obama and Ringo Starr so you simply can’t go wrong with choosing Unified for your vinyl pressing needs.