Vinyl Record Pressing by Unified - Superior Sound Quality & Fast Turnaround

Using state-of-the-art facilities, every vinyl we press has noticeably richer sound quality that can impress even the snobbiest audiophile. You can order as few as 100 units with a turnaround time of 7 business weeks...probably the fastest in the USA!

With clients such as Barack Obama and Ringo Starr, we guarantee the best vinyl record pressing service in LA!

Over the years, Unified Manufacturing has proven to be the best place in LA for vinyl pressing & packaging. We’ve had a long list of satisfied clients and we assure you that you absolutely can’t go wrong by choosing us. Not only do we do high-quality custom record pressing, we can put your vinyl records in unique box sets that can make your LP’s an awesome collector’s item. We're your one-stop manufacturing service company if you need bespoke vinyl records or just any type of vinyl pressing services and vinyl record sleeves.

  • At UnifiedManufaturing we are committed to offering you high-quality vinyl record pressing.
  • Vinyl specs are 7" vinyl on standard weight (42g) but also heavyweight 70g version, 10" vinyl record on the standard weight of 110g, and 12" vinyl records on Standard weight 140g and Heavyweight 180g.
  • Bespoke vinyl record pressing and vinyl record packaging. Unified Manufacturing is offering custom vinyl packaging and vinyl record sleeves. Single Printed Jackets or Gatefold Jackets in all standard or custom sizes.
  • Our team of professionals will work with you to customize the perfect vinyl records and high-quality packaging and box sets to achieve exactly what you want


Money-back guarantee

Unified Manufacturing is offering best vinyl pressing services in LA with short-run options

High quality

Plenty of base color options for your bespoke vinyl records, special effects, add-ons, and professional advice to make your vinyl record as pretty as it can be

UnifiedManufacturing is the place for all your vinyl needs. Not only do we make sure we have happy customers, we aim to exceed our customers' expectations. Highest quality for vinyl pressing records, packaging and sleeves for vinyl records.

UnifiedMFG is here helping you to enjoy the vinyl records at the same quality for decades ahead.

Inner sleeves, paper sleeves, or any other material you want for your vinyl records sleeves should stop dust or static from causing damage to vinyl records. Let us our professionals helping you out on choosing the best vinyl record packaging for your vinyl records

  • Cutting vinyl is a true art and UnifiedMFG professionals are the best on vinyl pressing in LA
  • Colored vinyl, multi-colored vinyl or any other special request? All are possible at UnifiedMFG
  • UnifiedMFG is offering vinyl mastering on bespoke vinyl pressing orders
  • With UnifiedMFG you have the opportunity to press your vinyl because we are flexible with the minimum order and we will work with you get your vinyl records to your fans ASAP.


Money-back guarantee

Your fans wants vinyl records that will sound at the same quality 20 years from now. Offer them high-quality inner and outer sleeves

High quality

Short-run vinyl record pressing orders dedicated to indie releases, unsigned bands or different promos. UnifiedMFG can press it in LA with the same love for artists!

Custom colors and effects on the vinyl records you order, printed cover jackets, single or gatefold sleeves, great for small labels, independent artists, or bands that need custom vinyl record pressing services.

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