CD Jewel Cases

CD Jewel Cases

Our CD jewel cases are made from high quality recycled plastic. Made in the USA so expect our jewel cases to be durable and good-looking. The front of the CD jewel case is made of crystal clear plastic to ensure your CD artwork will look its best.  The tray is customizable- you can select from over five designs and choose the color you want (white, clear, black, colored). May be bought in bulk or packaged with our CD replication or duplication service. Package includes duplication/replication, full color printing, AQ coating, and shrink wrap. We deliver 9-12 days after approval of files.

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1 1 1 1 1 Pros!
Dwight S. few hours ago

James and his team cam make your album look and sound totally pro. You'd have no regrets when you receive your CDs. Don't even waste time and energy on trying to make your own CDs at home. It will just be bad for your band. Don't even risk on choosing a company that offers very cheap rates coz chances are, they'll screw it up either with your CD or the printing or delivery. Go for Unified. Pros that won't eat your money or time.

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1 1 1 1 1 Really fast and pain-free transaction
Ally M. few hours ago

I have to give credit where credit is due. I had an emergency CD situation because my supplier encountered an blunder and we don't have the energy or money to fix the situation. A friend referred me to James and they immediately gave us a quote and said they could have a sample ready for us the next day. I needed the CDs five days after I asked for a quote and voila, I got them on the 4th day. I wonder why others can't be this efficient. Really!

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1 1 1 1 1 Great company
Jessa A. few hours ago

They give me email updates and call me to make sure we are on the same page in every step of production. This lead to an excellent quality product that I am super proud of.

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1 1 1 1 1 Smaller company, bigger perks
Danika O. few hours ago

With Unified, you simply get more because they're a smaller company. More attention, more care, more dedication...but less stress and less fear of f*cking things up. They're a perfect example why working with a smaller local business is a great idea.

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1 1 1 1 1 My partner in crime all these years
Sam C. few hours ago

I opened my company in 2009 and that's about the same time I also met James and learned about his manufacturing company. Over the years, they've grown and offered more services like shirt printing, merch, and more. I go to them for all of these services and not once was I disappointed by the level of attention they give my project as well as the quality of the products they give me. I do believe they're one of the main reasons my company has blossomed. I also gained good friends since these guys surely know how to mix work and fun. Do try them and they'll surely help you for years to come.

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