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CD Jewel Case with 8-panel Insert and Tray card - Full color or Black and White

Our Jewel Case with 8-panel Insert is a good choice if you’re looking for a CD case with plenty of room for artwork. The 8 panel CD insert or fold-out is folded three times and has four panels per side.  You have room for your biography, your band profile, or if you own a business- your business profile and description of services.

The front of the CD jewel case is made of crystal clear plastic cover to ensure your artwork can be seen clearly. There are many options for the CD tray. We have over five designs to choose from and you can choose the type of CD tray you want whether it’s clear, black, white, or colored.

Inclusive of:
CD manufacturing (CD duplication or CD replication)
8-Panel CD Folder
AQ Coating
Full-color printing on all panels
Matte or glossy finish
Shrink wrap
Test printing
24/7 Customer Service

Graphic design for artwork

Turnaround time: 9-12 days after approval of files

No upgrades available.
8 Panel Insert
Average Rating : 12341 (based on 3 reviews)
  1. 12345

    Hi Unified! Of course I’ll give this baby five stars!!!

    I remember two years ago we had no idea how to go about with duplication. We talked to these guys and they recommended that we put our discs in this jewel case w 8-panel folder. Our folder looked incredibly awesome! If you’re a startup band and you want something cheap that looks incredible, go for this package.

    Reviewed by  Jeremy Lindy On Oct 23, 2011
  2. 12345

    I so agree w the comment above. The 8 panel really looks good. I was searching for the best (of course, that means cheap) CD duplication house to do my project and I’m lucky enough a friend from Sony recommended Unified. So as I am a very cautious person, I only ordered 200 at first, ya know just to try them out. I was pleased with the finished product and the customer service so I ordered some more right away.And James, Steve, and Pat became my friends. =). So this is just my very simple way of saying thank you for never disappointing me. Thank thanks! Til my next project (which is very soon *wink)


    Reviewed by  Merina Olson On Dec 2, 2011
  3. 12341

    Hi. I do love your 8 panel and it really does look good but I gave you four stars because my artist had a hard time finding your templates and guidelines. LOL. But that was over a year ago. The product is good and that’s what matters the most to me.

    Reviewed by  Harriet On Feb 3, 2012

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Description Size Panels Trays Pockets Capacity Template Icon Download
- Insert 18.9062 X 4.724 8 - - - PDF
- TrayCard 5.9063 X 4.625 2 - - - PDF
- Disc Art 4.667 X 4.667 - - - - PDF
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