hajjar 01

Rubber Stamped CD Packaging

Each of the CD packaging of Symon Hajjar's "There is Always Love" EP is hand-stamped. For the front cover, they used a stamp with a rocker mount so that strong and consistent pressure could be applied. For back cover, they ...
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CD artwork layout 10 commandments

10 Commandments for Laying-out CD Artwork

When we design CD artwork, it seems like a very easy task but in fact, there are so many things you can do wrong which could make you start from scratch again, or worse...have really bad prints! Before you create ...
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Creative Burnout: Tips for Juggling Music, Work, and Life

Are you about to have a creative burnout because you're having a hard time keeping up with the demands of your band, your job, and your family? If we only knew adult life is one hell of a riot, we wouldn't have complained much ...
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album art concept eggs

Collection of Album Art Concepts

Looking for album art concepts for inspiration because you're running out of ideas? Well, you're on the right page of the internet. I bet you know how much we love album art and CD packaging - to death (of course, ...
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creative business card

Very Creative Die-Cut Business Cards

Want ideas for a business card that will really impress your prospects? Here are some of the coolest die-cut business cards you can get inspiration from. Bands can also get inspiration from this for their dropcards/ download cards. DJ Business ...
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The Divine Comedy Album Cover 1

Album Art Concepts: Bathtubs

If you're planning to do photo shoots of your band in a bathtub for your latest album, you might want to check out these album covers with bathtubs first. This collection might inspire you or it might make you want ...
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Discontent can be a good thing for artists

If your band mate is content with his life and if he's content with the kind of music your band is making, he will not be pushed to improve anything. Why would he change anything if everything's perfect, right? He feels ...
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bel canto stereophonic demonstration record

10 of the Most Creative Vinyl Records Ever Made

Vinyl records are definitely back in the game. It just has this classy touch and superior sound that cannot be matched by digital. If you're a musician planning to release music in vinyl, you must consider having a really kickass ...
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productivity for musicians

Productivity Tips for Musicians

Do you hate yourself because you never get things done? Are you afraid that if you don't change anything about your lazy-ass habits, you won't get anywhere close to what can be considered a music career? Here are some basic productivity tips ...
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agatha and fine CD packaging 3

CD Packaging: Imaginary Single Cover for Agatha & Fine

This grassy conceptual CD packaging for Agatha & Fine  is created by Elcin Kirca Gokce from Turkey. The elaborate "grass" design looks like a children's book as well as the graphics. Look at how elaborate it is. It reminds me of those ...
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