dvd for professionals

DVD Digipacks Are a Good Fit for Professionals

Professionals in many industries appreciate the value of DVD Digipacks. Musicians, film-makers, artists, entrepreneurs, and many others come to the point where they need to create a DVD in order to share their work. Along with determining the method of ...
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How Much Do You Know About DVD Manufacturing?

DVD manufacturing has several steps. The first step is the fabrication of polycarbonate plastic substrates. The next step is the application of a dye coating. When both sides of the DVD have been completed, the two pieces are bonded together ...
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cd stacks

Use CD Replication for Professional Results

Are you a musician? Do you write software that you hope to market? If so, then you need to get examples of your work out to potential fans and customers. This might mean that you need to produce sample CDs ...
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DVD manufacturing USA

Is CD Duplication or Replication Best for You?

What is the difference between CD duplication and replication? Which option is best for your project? In order to make your decision, make sure that you truly understand the pros and cons of each method. Duplication refers to the process ...
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capturing moments DVD replication

Capture a Lifetime of Memories With DVD Duplication in Los Angeles

If you were to ask a group of people what comes to mind when they think about California, you would probably have the vast majority respond with some answer surrounding Hollywood or the film industry. With its global reputation, it ...
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buenos aires DVD packaging

DVD Packaging: Buenos Aires- Days and Nights of Tango

This DVD packaging is truly a stand out. It's something nobody can just ignore! Place it in a museum along with 1000 other catchy artworks and it would still be an attention getter. “The Tango Collection contains 7 DVDs with ...
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miley madonna

Music Marketing: What Big Musicians Can Do that Newbies Can’t… Yet

They say that in order to be a winner, you have to do what winners do. But I don't think this applies to music marketing.If you don't want to be laughed at, take it easy baby and don't do the ...
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band logo tips

MAKING A BAND LOGO- Everything you need to know

You need a band logo if you're a relatively new, up-and-coming musician and you've decided to take your music career to the NEXT LEVEL (good on you). That's because if you want to push a step further, you have to ...
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thermochromatic CD packaging

Three Materials that Add Oooph to Your CD Packaging

Running out of ideas for your CD packaging? Instead of going crazy with your graphics, why don't you put a twist to the materials you use. Here are some materials that could add some oomph to your CD packaging. Thermochromic ...
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CD Packaging: Todos Somos Niños- We’re All Children

This is one of the most creative and fun CD packaging I've seen in a while. It's something you'd want to have with you while you're on an 8-hour train ride because it gives you something to do. Punching holes ...
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