Who’s Your Caddy?

Client: Metro Goldwyn Mayer


  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Postcards


  • Product Consulting
  • Street Team
  • Fulfillment

MGM asked us to make 150,000 posters and 150,000 flyers in 7 days for their 2007 comedy film “Who’s Your Caddy?”

Yep, that’s 150 thousand posters and flyers in one week!

They put us in a lot of pressure because they simply cannot miss the deadline. The movie was opening in 140 theaters across the US so everything should be in before the opening night or else the posters and flyers would be useless- or not as useful. Either way, no one wants this kind of scenario.

For the posters, we did 100% Pound Poster Gloss  with AQ finish on the print. We are so grateful to have a hardworking and very energetic team who did their jobs so well and so fast.  We beat the deadline and assisted the street team in distributing the flyers and posters.