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Jewel Case with 2-panel Insert

Our jewel case with 2-panel insert is our cheapest CD package. The CD jewel case is the number one choice of musicians not only because it is dirt cheap but also because it is the industry’s standard.  It is the easiest and cheapest CD case you need to achieve a professional look. Visit any record store and it’s very easy to see that jewel cases are still the in thing when it comes to packaging CDs.

The front of the jewel case is made of crystal clear plastic to ensure your CD artwork will look its best.  The tray is customizable- you can select from over five designs and choose the color you want (white, clear, black, colored). May be bought in bulk or packaged with our CD replication or CD duplication service. Package includes CD duplication/replication, full color printing, AQ coating, and shrink wrap. We deliver 9-12 days after approval of files.

No upgrades available.
2 Panel Folder

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  1. 12345

    The case is just like any case you see in record stores and the print of our booklet is flawless. I’m relieved everything turned out okay and every disc was delivered on time! I was expecting some problems b/c they’re WAAAY cheaper than other duplication companies. No flaws …so wow! Been using and recommending them after than.

    Reviewed by  Analiza Clendaniel On Apr 27, 2011
  2. 12345

    The team at Unified did a great job for us when we had our first tour. They manufactured our CDs, printed our postcards and posters, and made our t-shirts. They entertained us and delivered good work even if our project was small. We highly recommend Unified.

    Reviewed by  Justin Woogerd On May 31, 2012

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Description Size Panels Trays Pockets Capacity Template Icon Download
2 Panel Insert Template 4.75 X 4.75 2 - - - PDF
Traycard Template 5.4 X 6.25 2 - - - PDF
Disc Art Template 4.667 X 4.667 - - - - PDF
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