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Jewel Case with 12-panel Insert

Our Jewel Case with 12-panel insert is a favorite of many musicians because the insert can turn into a poster.  The 12-panel insert can contain the regular stuff – bio, lyrics, and thank yous- but it could also turn into a great poster when the insert is fully opened. Your fans and customers will surely love this because they’d feel like they get more bang for their buck. It’s an awesome choice if your main goal is to market your brand.

The CD jewel is made of premium-quality recycled plastic so rest assured it won’t break in the mail. For the CD tray, we have over five designs and plenty of colors to choose from.

Inclusive of:
CD manufacturing (CD duplication or CD replication)
12-Panel Insert
AQ Coating
Full-color printing on all panels
Matte or glossy finish
Shrink wrap
Test printing
24/7 Customer Service

Graphic design for artwork

Turnaround time: 9-12 days after approval of files

No upgrades available.
Average Rating : 12345 (based on 3 reviews)
  1. 12345

    Discs look really great and for such a cheap price. Will order again soon.

    Reviewed by  Ice Martinez On Nov 11, 2011
  2. 12345

    Hi Unified. Thanks for delivering my CDs on time. That mattered a lot! More power

    Reviewed by  Charm On Jan 3, 2012
  3. 12345

    One of the best CD manufacturing companies in the US. Fast, affordable, reliable, and not a pain in the *ss. Just tell them what you need and they’ll do the rest.

    Reviewed by  Katrina Oh On Mar 3, 2012

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Description Size Panels Trays Pockets Capacity Template Icon Download
- Insert 28.217 X 4.724 12 - - - PDF
- TrayCard 5.9063 X 4.625 2 - - - PDF
- Disc Art 4.667 X 4.667 - - - - PDF
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