We quote our production times from the moment you approve your proofs. They do not include the pre-approval process of prepping your art files and/or master, nor the time it takes for you to approve your proofs. The pre-approval process can range from 2 to 7 days, depending on the package you order.If you are buying a 10-day (Extended) production time, what that actually means is:• 4 business days of pre-approval time – which is typical for most jobs.And 10 business days of production time after you approve your proofs.• Your full service total turn time is really 14 business days.For a 5-day (Guaranteed for select packages) production time: • 3 days of pre-approval time, plus 5 days of production time; total full service turn time is 8 business days.For a 4-day production time: • 2 days of pre-approval time, plus 4 days of production time; total full service turn time is 6 business days.Even faster delivery is available in most cases; just give us a call or an email – [email protected] 

This quotation is provided in good faith based on the cost of raw materials, market conditions, and the information provided by the customer on the above quotation date. Please contact your Product Specialist before sending any materials, as prices are subject to change without notice. Prices may also be subject to change if the order received by Unified Manufacturing is different from what was discussed. Quoted or acknowledged delivery dates are estimates only. Unified Manufacturing does not guarantee turn times, except in the case of specifically labeled “Guaranteed Turn Time” packages.