CD mailers 6×6

Quick Overview

If you need to mail some CDs to promote your music, software, or any product, we recommend you package your CDs in our 6X6 CD Mailer!

You don’t need to purchase other cases anymore. The 6×6 CD Mailer is all you need to mail your CDs! You simply slide the CD/CD-rom/DVD inside the CD mailer, seal it, and it’s ready to go. Our 6×6 CD mailers are made of sturdy cardboard to ensure that the CDs are well-protected while they’re being shipped. It also has a peel and seal flap so you won’t have to seal each one manually with a scotch tape. Another good thing is that our 6X6 CD mailers are light-weight so you can save a few cents on shipping.

We are very confident that you’ll like this product. We offer 30-day 100 % money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied!

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