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One Tree
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Since 2007,
Unified Manufacturing
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Leaving the Earth Better Than We Found It

We are one of the first media manufactures to provide manufacturing in 100% wind-driven facilities. That means we don't burn fossil fuels to generate our electricity. That also means we help diversify the economies of rural communities. What's in it for you? Well...since wind is relatively cheaper, we can give you bigger savings. Aside from that, just the good feeling of knowing that you care for the planet.


Leaving The Earth Better Than We Found It

As mentioned above, our facilities are all wind-driven. But as a back-up, we use an alternate source of energy that's equally eco-friendly- the energy coming from the sun. Since July 2012, we've installed solar panels to all our facilities. We alternate solar and wind energy to ensure there are no power issues when we manufacture your goods. If you love our earth and you prefer eco products and eco packaging, we are the company that can do it for you.

Trees Saved or Planted

29,000 Trees & Counting.

An American-sized football field can hold 401 trees. So, with
more than 72 football fields of trees saved, that's a small
forest. Not too shabby.

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