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We offer over 53 DVD packaging options! Choose from our DVD jewel cases, wallets, jackets and digipacks. You can also choose the design you want and its color (clear, black, white, colored). And if you can’t see what you want, we can customize a DVD package for you! We customize DVD box sets, tin cases, die cut cases, and even cloth cases. You name it, we’ll make it at the lowest price as possible!

We have very talented graphic designers who can assist you with your project every step of the way, from simple DVD artwork to die cut patterns.

We aim to make the customer experience at Unified the same every time… AWESOME!


“What I love about Unified is their excellent customer service. The systems they have developed show their dedication to their customers.”

Johnny D. Fontana Distribution/ Universal Music

“Unified Manufacturing is simply honest, reasonable, and forward thinking!”

Jacob Cap Executive Music Group / Fontana / Universal Music

“I have used Unified for years. I keep coming back because of two things: friendship and trust. I know that I can ALWAYS depend on them! You don’t have that very often in the music industry so when you find …

Susan Ferris Mob Boss, CEO - President, Long Live Crime Records Sony/MRI Red

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We provide the highest level of customer support and build lasting relationships with our clients.We are committed to quality standards and consistently research ways to improve our communication system.
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6 Panel DVD Digipack
6 Panel DVD Digipack
DVD Black Amary Case