Custom Packaging

If you want to stand out, you have to be different. It’s that simple.

Custom Packaging

We do CD duplication and custom CD packagingIf you want to stand out, you have to be different. It’s that simple. This also applies to your CD packaging or DVD packaging. If you really want people to marvel over your product, do not just place your disc in a regular jewel case.

We make special boxes to cater to your project’s specific needs. Do you want it in a tin can or in a huge box with lots of goodies inside? OH YES, we can do these things for you. Just tell us your idea and we’ll make them from the ground up.

Our packaging specialists

Unified Manufacturing is proud of their team of CD packaging designersWe have a team of very talented graphic designers and packaging specialists that have more than 10 years experience in media packaging. They will tell you whether your concept is doable or not and they will give you cheaper options. Whether you want your music packaging to look psychedelic or gothic- these experts are here to ‘make it work’ for you.

We are green

We are proud to sell eco-friendly CD casesWe use 100% wind energy, we use 90% soy-based inks for all printing, and we give a portion of our profits to green organizations.

Money back Guarantee
We’ve been doing this for almost 10 years now and we’re proud to say that we’ve had tons of happy clients. We are so sure you will be happy with the quality that we do that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. We made the packaging for Jack Black, for the Obama Campaign, for Ringo Starr’s latest CD, and a lot more.

Pocket-friendly Prices
We make cost-effective custom packaging for anybody who wants his or her product to look good. We refer to our standard pricing structure for common items (standard cases, etc), but we don’t have fixed pricing for custom packaging. If you just want simple designs and alterations, call our Project Manager today to receive a quote tailored exclusively to your CD or DVD design. If your concept is a bit complex, you have to talk to our designers first. After which, s/he will research the production expenses and send you a quote.

So…let’s brainstorm?