Santa Monica, CA. January 25, 2011 – Unified Manufacturing, leader in making Eco-friendly CD/DVD/Vinyl packaging and promotional products, is pleased to announce that they have come up with one more way to eliminate the carbon footprint of their media manufacturing company – a Project Management Site.

Since the birth of Unified Manufacturing 10 years ago, the company has always made sure that they have exhausted their efforts in eliminating the carbon footprint of the products and services they offer. James Hill, CEO and owner, is an environmental advocate and he sees to it that Unified Manufacturing is up-to-date with the latest ways to eliminate carbon footprint.

Unified Manufacturing is known to be one of the few media manufacturers in the US that use 100% wind-driven facilities in all aspects of production. Unified also uses soy-based inks, recycled materials, wafer seals, and they offer green packaging options like eco jewel cases, CD mailers, CD jackets, etc.

And in 2011, they are launching a new and improved Project Management Site. Clients no longer need to burn and ship their files to Unified Manufacturing’s office. In the Project Management Site, customers can place their orders, fill out paperwork, upload artwork and music files directly to the server. Not only does this make things faster and easier for both Unified Manufacturing and its clients, it also minimizes carbon footprint and shipping costs.

James Hill says, “We’ve always had this kind of system but there was no official site for it. Now, we hired a team of smart IT people and designers who are currently working hard on it. Expect everything to be more organized, easier to understand, and easier to manage. Thank god for the internet, we can now go eco all the way”

“We aim to make a difference with the little things they do. We constantly challenge ourselves to be more than just a company, and to do more than just manufacture products”, he added.